John HOWLAND (ca. 1592/1599 – 1673)

Do you think you are a Mayflower descendant ? Find out !

Anyone in our CARTER family who descends from these families are most likely eligible for membership in The Mayflower Society:

1. John HOWLAND (ca. 1592/1599 – 1673)

John Howland was an indentured servant aboard the Pilgrim ship, Mayflower, on his historic voyage to the New World in 1620. While enroute, the Mayflower encountered a violent storm during which HOWLAND fell overboard, but luckily survived. The Mayflower entered Cape Cod, Plymouth Colony and on November 11, 1620, HOWLAND signed the Mayflower Compact.
For additional information, see: John Howland and John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley: Their Life and Legacy in Plymouth Colony

2. William WHITE (ca. 1586 – 1621) and Susanna JACKSON (ca. 1592 – Aft 1654)

William and Susanna were passengers aboard the Pilgrim ship, Mayflower, on its historic voyage to the New World in 1620. They were accompanied by their son Resolved and two servants. William was a signatory to the Mayflower Compact and perished early in the history of Plymouth Colony.
For more information, see: William White (Mayflower passenger).

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