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According to what information I have… Charles P. HOLMES (1833-1915), son of Joseph HOLMES (1812-1882) and Sophia STEVENS married Arvilla H. FOSS (ca. 1838- ) on November 30, 1854 and may have one to three children. Except for perhaps Charles Calvin HOLMES (1857-1939), the lack of supporting sources create questions about the other two children.

I am seeking information that more accurately identifies the children associated with this family… their spouses… and their children. Anyone who may be related to or have information regarding this family… I would greatly appreciate it if you would please contact me. Thank you.

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Chapter Six is completed. I started working on Chapter Seven: John CATER Jr. (1736-1801) and Susannah (Susan) JOHNSON (1738-1814) and their descendants today.

If anyone has any information regarding this family and would like it included in our book… please let me know. Thank you very much.

The Cater-Decatur Book

Chapter Five is the latest chapter in Volume I of The Cater-Decatur Families of New England – Their Ancestors and their Descendants currently available online.

Chapter Five
(1-2-3) Edward CATER Sr. and Sarah COTTON and their Descendants.

It also contains updates to the following updated pages:
-Two Carter Family Queries
-Table of Contents

The Cater-Decatur Book