William Furlsbury CARTER (1811-1888)

Last updated on August 6, 2023

I have found two death dates for William: 10 October 1888 and 11 October 1888 both in Santaquin, Utah Co., UT Territory. However, there were no supporting source evidence provided for either of those dates. Has anyone found a death certificate for him ??


  1. regivens said:

    Charles – Yesterday I started writing an updated version of the life of William Furlsbury. This is an interesting situation. Absolutely every pedigree chart and family group that I have in my extensive collection says he died on 11 Oct 1888 – but I think there might be a problem there. So I submit the following:
    Interesting – There are no death certificates in Utah in 1888.

    Tombstone gives 10 Oct 1888

    Obit showing at Find a grave says he died on Wednesday, Oct. 11th at 11 o’clock a.m. – the problem is Wednesday is the 10th so I would say this supports the 10th even though it said the 11th.

    SUP Memorial Gallery Index Card – 11 Oct 1888

    Civil War Pension Index (actually for Utah Indian wars as Roxy got a pension) – 10 Oct 1898 (they got the year wrong)

    Utah, Veterans with Federal Military Service (database at FamilySearch) – 10 Oct 1888

    The Daily Enquirer of 19 Oct 1888 – obit – gives 11 Oct 1888 (probably copied from the obit showing above)
    Looking at the above it appears that the newspaper account of his death is the origin of the 11 Oct 1888 date – BUT it is in error as it says Wednesday, Oct 11, 1888 when Wednesday that year was actually the 10th. His tombstone gives 10 Oct as does the federal pension record . So I am in favor of changing the death date to the 10th – what do you think.

    August 5, 2023
    • Hi Bob… Wow !! I think the saying… ask and ye shall receive… would apply here.

      I have one exception to part of your comments… according to What Day of the Week website… October 11, 1888 is a Thursday not Wednesday.

      I was ready to agree with your assessment, but this changes things a bit so I think I’m more ready to stick with family tradition and leave the death date as the 11th. Is that agreeable with you or anyone else who might comment ??


      August 6, 2023
  2. Josephus said:

    Bob, didn’t you find similar confusion about Hannah Carter’s death date?

    August 5, 2023

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